No Smart decision from DaimlerChrysler in sight for months

That DaimlerChrysler’s decision to bring Smart to the U.S. has endured more fits and starts than Andy Rooney at a urinal isn’t news. What is news, however, is word that no decision is immediately forthcoming. A verdict was to have been made by the end of December, but now it appears there will be at least two more months of hand-wringing and prognosticating before a decision is announced. Speculation now holds that the end to the will-they/won’t-they conundrum may arrive with the Geneva show at February’s close.

DCX is mulling over whether to bring the next-generation ForTwo to America’s streets, a model slated for release in late 2007.  Smart’s grand pooh-bah, Ulrich Walker believes it would be possible to shift 20,000 examples of the funky lilliputian in America’s coastal cities, which would be equivalent to one-seventh of Smart’s worldwide sales last year.


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