That Volkswagen finds itself mired in dire straits should come as news to no Autoblog reader.  The abysmal failure of the company’s march upmarket, quality control issues, and accusations of corporate scandals have been as widely disseminated as the breakup of Nick and Jessica.

So why toil through another article on the subject? Because the Detroit News’ Neil Winton peels back another layer of the VW onion, with frank talk on the Byzantine nature of Germany’s government and its involvement with ‘big business,’ board room shenanigans packing more intrigue than a season’s-worth of The Apprentice, and so on. According to Winton, ”VW has problems of such mind-numbing complexity, such arcane opacity, they must make GM’s Rick Wagoner and Bill Ford feel they’re home free.”

Put on your hardhats, grab a shovel, and read on.

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