We were amazed by the number of entries that were posted for the Autoblog/Automoblox 12th Day of Christmas Contest. The final number was 147. After the entire team of Autobloggers reviewed the entries over the weekend and fought over which one should be pronounced the winner, we have come to a decision.

Congratulations goes out to Sean Flanagan for his entry that evokes the kind of nostalgia for Americana Christmas that we think was on Jeff Callelo’s mind when he designed the Automoblox toys. Even though Sean’s idea about what Santa would drive was shared by a few who entered, it was Sean’s evocation of the rosy-cheeked, CocaCola-drinking Santa that swayed the judges.

Here's the winning entry…

"When most Americans think of Santa, they think of the Santa portrayed in Coca-Cola ads painted by Haddon Sundblom starting in the early 1930s. Now, a little elf told me that Santa still likes the way he looked in the 1940s for these portraits, and he recalls the cars of that time as his favorite. He drives a 1949 Mercury Coupe, also known as a “Lead Sled”, painted in dark red metal flake with a white and red vinyl interior and brand-new whitewall tires. It, like him, is a symbol of Americana and represents a bygone era."

Sean will be receiving a full set of six Automoblox toys signed by the designer himself, Jeff Callelo.

Thanks goes out to all for entering, and honorable mentions must be given out to the following entries – 25, 39, 131, 135. We’d also to thank Automoblox for putting up such a great prize for our readers this holiday season.

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