After a recent pre-Christmas party for the press at which Ford gave journalists a sneak preview of some redesigns, Jerry Flint sat down and wrote Ford's head of the Americas, Mark Fields, a memo in which he aggressively goes after the company for making the decision to replace the aging RWD Lincoln Town Car with an AWD version. He predicts the move will see the Town Car driving down the same path as the Jaguar X-Type, in that customers looking for a RWD cruiser won't be fooled by a FWD-platform modified to turn all four wheels at once.
We can't comment on the Town Car's new styling since we weren't invited to the party (What's up with that, Ford???), so we'll get back to you on that when we see it in January at the Detroit Auto Show. We would, however, like to hear your opinion on another one of Flint's suggestions for Ford, which is giving Mercury a version of the Mustang. It's a move that sounds crazy enough to us that it just might work. What are you thoughts on a revived Mercury Cougar perhaps, based on the Mustang?

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