One would think that only Eric Bryant would have a need for a Tungsten Inert Gas welder or a transmission jack, yet I know how hardcore some of our readers are, so I thought I would share Eric's other Christmas list with you.
Millerwelds Syncrowave 250 DX
Benefits of a Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) welder are many: the weld bead looks better, thinner pieces of material can be welded, and TIG produces higher qualitiy welding than traditional processes, among other things. This one from Millerwelds might not be the absolute top of the line, Eric says, but to those without a welder already, it's a "godsend."

Wideband O2Wideband O2 Sensor
Can't afford a dynamometer but looking to tune carburetor jetting, fuel injection, turbo fuel curves, and more? This Wideband O2 Sensor allows the user to correctly adjust these factors and self-calibrates depending on temperature, altitude and sensor condition.

transmission jack

Craftsman Professional Two-Stage Transmission Jack
"This beats the heck out of trying to balance a transmission on a floor jack and a couple of 2x4s," our man Eric says. The specialized jack allows up to 1,000 lbs. of hydraulic capacity, 360 degree rotating handle, and adjustable head for different bolt patterns.

Might just want to ask for gift certificates, though — I'm not sure you'll end up with the right thing if you charge someone other than a gearhead to go out and find these things for you.

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