Autoblog reader Scott Wagoner performed a simple Google search to find this page on that features a collection of nearly all the best guess concept sketches for what the next generation Camaro/Chevelle/Mustang-killer might look like. While we've seen most of these before, there are a couple rare ones and more than a few good ideas in there from which GM could choose.

This reminds me of a contest that appeared way back in Motor Trend during the redesign of the 1994 Mustang. I don't remember the details, but the gist was that readers submitted their designs of what the new Mustang should look like and the winner's entry would be incorporated into the new model. Anyone remember that, as well?

Perhaps GM should tap the throngs of eagerly awaiting Camaro fans who are so impatient for the new car to materialize that they've taken pencil in hand to move the process along.

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