The nice thing about asking for Project Gotham Racing 3 for the holidays is that is has the added perk of enabling you to ask for an Xbox 360, and, ideally, an HD TV and sound system. Easily the game that has come to define the new Xbox in terms of graphics, game play and other capabilities, PGR3 is as thrilling as the cars that populate it. Forget the "you need to earn the right to drive that car" mentality of other racing games where they stick you in a stock econobox and make you work your way up to the cars that really make you salivate — PGR3 gives you instant access to the Ferraris, TVRs and Lotuses you so desperately covet, assuming you can pay sticker price. 

Where to get it: PGR3 is available at electronics stores, department stores, mass merchandising stores — all the usual suspects. Right now it's on Amazon for $49.95, minus the cost of the Xbox 360, HD TV and new home theater system, of course. Check out Xbox 360 Fanboy's MetaReview post to see how the game fared with critics.

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