I think the folks at The Car Connection said it best… "you have to feel for GM's uncanny knack for missing the cultural zeitgeist boat."
Buick will be hitching its trailer onto Martha Stewart's not-so-rapidly rising star to promote its newest vehicle, the Lucerne. The home economist diva turned jailbird turned Trump, Jr. will be touting the glories of the Lucerne this week when the vehicle becomes the official car of The Apprentice. During the show, viewers will be lured to the Buick web site for various promotions and information about "Lucerne VIP Premiere Parties" to be held across the country.

So here's the question: will we learn to how bake Cointreau cranberry-orange muffins on the block, or maybe how to sew our very own lace-trimmed upholstery for the Lucerne? And why isn't Tiger taking a swing at pitching the Lucerne?

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