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Chrysler released a small podcast for us journalists in which Kevin Verduyn, the Design Chief at Chrysler's Advance Product Design Studio in Pacifica, CA, speaks out on the Challenger Concept that will debut at the Detroit show in January. Verduyn claims that the design originally took inspiration from muscle cars in general of the era, although as these pictures illustrate it turned out to be all Charger. The concept does have a full back seat and if produced Verduyn says he'd vote to keep it two-door.

Speaking of production, Verduyn states there are no plans to produce the Challenger Concept, although a positive reaction at the Detroit show will bolster its business case. Quite frankly, we can't imagine the Chrysler Group, of all automakers, would pass on this concept. The company pressed the Prowler into service with a much weaker business case and as we all know, the modern muscle car segment is begging for players. 

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