That's right. No SMART car's engine has ever seen the north side of the two-century mark when it comes to horsepower. Brabus, however, is a company chock full of crazy engineers and designers who have nothing better to do than race-prep SMART cars, and we love them for it. The Brabus SMART Concept introduced last week at the Essen Motor Show features a 210 horsepower engine, upgraded stoppers and 17-inch carbon fiber wheels that nearly scrape the wheel wells. There's a load of obvious exterior enhancements as well as an aluminum underbody shield and rear diffuser that you can't see. Brabus also saw fit to include a roll cage and five-point harnesses. Does the world need the Brabus SMART Concept? No, but we'd say it's about the best a SMART car's ever gonna git.

Tons of pics and a full press release can be found over at eMercedesBenz.

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