GM Aftershock: how we're all handling the news

The business world is all up in arms over yesterday's announcement by GM that the company will lay off 30,000 workers and close nine plants. We've scoured the internet to find some additional stories of how the industry, the markets and people in general are reacting to the news, specifically those affected by it most - the workers.

Note - there's been of flood of articles by media outlets on how plant closings will affect small communities, we chose one from ABC News about how the impact of closing a production line at Saturn's Spring Hill, TN plant will affect the locals there.

New York Times
Mix of Shock and Resignation on GM Shop Floors Set to Close

ABC News
GM Plant Closing Has Impact on Tenn. Town

CBC News, Canada
GM cutting over 3,600 jobs at Canadian plants, 30,000 across North America

Star Tribune
Twin Cities dealers find hope in GM's plans

Stocks drift higher despite GM, oil

Associated Press
GM moves to cut costs do little to assuage investors

GM cuts to hit US confidence

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