Over 22 German Volkswagen employees have infiltrated the U.S. under the guise of the company's Moonraker Project. Their mission: to study us and learn what we like in our vehicles. The Car Connection has an article up on this project that's intended to help VW design cars we in North America actually like. You know, cars with lots of cup holders and really powerful air conditioners.
The group of employees, which also includes one American, has been set up in Malibu, CA for some time now studying our ways and reporting back to corporate HQ in Wolfsburg, Germany. The article says it will take some time to digest and implement the findings of the Moonraker Project, though VW's presence at SEMA this month marks the first time the company has made the trip to Vegas to meet our tuner community. It's possible the company attended on the recommendation of the gang in Malibu.

So if you see a conspicuous group of 22 German engineers, designers and product planners at your local mall in Malibu, buy them a smoothie in the food court and tell them exactly how you'll take your next VW. I'll have mine with a turbo and a supercharger, please.

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