Amateur engine builders such as myself have a tendency - for better or for worse - to hang on the every word of guys like David Vizard, so I thought it'd be only appropriate to mention his latest article from Popular Hot Rodding. Obviously, a three-page web feature isn't going to teach anyone even the basics of boring and stroking an engine, but there's still some good tips in here for those who are making their first venture into exploring larger-than-stock displacements. Considering Vizard's recollection of his Ford Lotus engine build, I feel pretty dang fortunate that my foray into the stroker world resulted in little worse than a painless lesson in oil pan clearancing, and a tutorial in high-RPM oiling (both were fixed with liberal application of parts from Canton's catalog). I'd recommend reading the article to find out just how big the engine is that's pictured to the right, because it's an outstanding piece of aftermarket engineering.

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