After about a year of legal entanglement, it's now finally possible to get Dynacorn's long-awaited first-gen Camaro body shell - officially sanctioned by the General, no less. Those wanted to bolt together your own would be well advised to check out the December '05 issue of Hot Rod, as they document a build-up in 36 pages. To be honest, the coverage barely scratches the surface; heck, 36 pages might not be sufficient to comprehensively cover the process used to paint the car's valve covers. It's still damn good auto journalism. As to the price, the only mention I saw was "expensive", and when car guys say that word, they mean it. Oddly enough, while Hot Rod's website has no mention of this article, its sister magazine Super Chevy has a couple pages on the subject. Go check it out, and witness the greenness.

Those wanting a turnkey car can go to Baldwin-Motion for its firebreathing 540-cube SuperCoupe. Remember back in August, when we estimated that the price would be well over $100K? Our reader Mike popped in to say that it'd be something more like $427K, and, well, he hit it on the head. Those choking on their food after seeing that price will surely be comforted by the fact that there will also be a "Phase III" model that's something more of a period-correct replica, going for a bit under $200K.

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