Wintertime is coming, and that means it's time to think about your battery - especially if you're getting near the end of the warranty period (the ability of battery manufacturers to build a product that just barely lives past the warranty expiration date has to be respected as an engineering feat). If it's time for a replacement, then hit the link below and see what Consumer Reports has to say about the best choices in your car's size. To be honest, considering that there are basically two battery manufacturers in the US and they're both pretty good, you'll be doing all right by purchasing any of the name-brand products and making sure it's installed correctly. Get it secured properly in the battery tray, and take this opportunity to clean and inspect the cables. If you have the chance, put the battery on a charger overnight before installing it - your alternator will thank you. For those with summer-use vehicles that sit all winter, consider something like the Optima Red Top - I've had exceptionally good luck with one over the past six winters.

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