At my last job as editor of a tuner magazine I used to deal with a lot of car clubs from all over the country. During the daily grind of running Autoblog I don't get the opportunity to pow-pow with these guys and girls much anymore, but a recent email from a group out in California that goes by the name of Team Transport reminded me why I have so much respect for car clubs and their members.
On December 11th Team Transport will be hosting its 2nd Annual Toys for Tots Car Show in City of Industry, CA. Registration is only $15 per car before Nov. 15th and one new unwrapped toy valued at over $10. (Full info here)

Normally we wouldn?t do a post on a relatively small car show even if it were for a good cause, but we wanted to remind everyone out there that the city you live in probably hosts a number of clubs, teams and groups that all share a passion for the automobile in its various forms. Most of these clubs go beyond mere auto worship and actually contribute to the community like Team Transport. Seek them out and support them if you get the chance, and if you?re in California around the 11th swing by Team Transport?s Toys for Tots Car Show and tell Ted and Ajay we?re sorry we couldn?t make it.

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