It's time for the Fun Friday post! This week's post features, which has a fabulous new toy up on its web site — the Desktop Decoy.
Remember in Ferris Bueller's Day Off how Ferris rigged his house to make it look like he was home sick in bed? The doorbell rang, and his voice traveled convincingly through the intercom system. Someone poked his/her head into the bedroom, and it looked as if someone were sleeping and snoring.

If you've always dreamed of employing those same tactics at work, the Desktop Decoy is the app for you…

This is much the same principle. Employ the use of the Decoy?s sophisticated cranial modeling system to make it appear as if you?re sitting at your desk. Employ productive-looking customizable work files that pop up on your computer screen and change over time to make it look like you?re actually accomplishing something. A set of audio files is incorporated to make it sound like you?re in your office, and can be customized depending on whether you?re male or female. Heck, you can even upload your own sounds. No one has to know you?re lipsynching Danke Shoen and joyriding in your friend?s dad?s ?borrowed? Ferrari ? your very talented MINI office decoy has everything under control.

To navigate to the Desktop Decoy, go to, mouse over MOTOR ON and click on Desktop Decoy.

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