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Yes, we think this Chrysler 300 done by Santini Paint is a little cheesy. The paint is… ummm… interesting, to say the least. Though the two-tone job is fairly straightforward, the way in which the white swoops on the side just doesn't do it for me. The only use I would have for such a car is to arrive at a swing dance in it. And I don't swing dance. 

Eric wasn't able to snatch a shot of the interior, which, according to the placard, is pimped out far more than the exterior. The rest of the car benefits from Hotchkis Suspension bits, 22-inch American Racing wheels, a stainless steel roof by Quality Metalcrafters and a custom grille by Strut. The car's performance is also augmented by a Bassani dual cat-back exhaust and K&N air filters.

UPDATE: In the ten minutes it's taken me to write this post, the Santini Chrysler 300 Royale has legitimately begun to grow on me. Perhaps it's because I donned my zoot suit costume from Halloween 2003.

More pics and full specs after the jump…

Santini Chrysler 300 RoyaleSantini Chrysler 300 RoyaleSantini Chrysler 300 RoyaleSantini Chrysler 300 RoyaleSantini Chrysler 300 Royale

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