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Though we posted official pics of Mitsubishi's Eclipse Ralliart Concept a few days ago, Eric was able to snap a pic of its full spec list that reveals some pretty interesting parts. The folks behind the Ralliart Concept dipped into the corporate parts bin and pulled out some good stuff, including the EVO's 4G63 engine, all-wheel drive system and six-speed manual transmission. The engine, however, doesn't feature the stock turbo found in the EVO, but rather an aftermarket HKS unit along with various other HKS fuel system components.

More pics and info after the jump, plus some bonus shots of another Eclipse…

Mitsubishi Eclipse Ralliart Concept

The rear end is sprung with the company?s own independent rear suspension and power is spliced by a rear differential lifted from the EVO VIII. Those tips lead to a custom 2.75-inch turbo-back exhaust.

Mitsubishi Eclipse Ralliart Concept
Here?s a list of the various body parts fashioned from carbon fiber: roof panel, hood, front fenders, front and rear fascia, rear wing, mirrors, rims and alloy centers. Who says you can?t paint carbon fiber?

Here are some bonus pics Eric snapped off a blue Eclipse sitting around without a placard.
Random blue tuner Eclipse SEMA 2005Random blue tuner Eclipse SEMA 2005Random blue tuner Eclipse SEMA 2005

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