This fantastic little roadster was built by Webb's Automotive Art, the company of famed hot rod fabricator Dan Webb, and embodies a 21st century take on the traditional hot rod concept. The "Rat Fink" booth mascot is perfect - I'm sure Ed Roth would approve!

The body was hand-crafted from aluminum and steel, to a design inspired by the '32 Ford roadster and the legendary Miller racecars. The aluminum seats evoke a "sprint car" feel for the cockpit, as does the aluminum steering wheel. More after the jump.

The car is driven by a 2.3-liter DOHC 4-cylinder Ford powerplant, through a Tremec T3550 transmission. Engine mods include:

  • aluminum high-flow head

  • electronic fuel injection by Fuel Air Spark Technology (great name!)

  • V-shaped custom rad with electric fans

  • custom dry sump oil system

  • aluminum flywheel by Fidanza

  • Competition Cams camshaft

The chassis is chromoly, with front and rear friction shocks and quarter-elliptic front and rear springs. A custom aluminum differential (see below) drives the Dayton cross-laced wire wheels.

Tribal Motorworks did much of the component fabrication on the car, including the velocity stacks, rear end, gas pedal, brake and clutch pedal, friction shocks, dry sump, motor pulleys, steering wheel, tail light, and shifter. Some of the components are shown below.

webb roadster vel stacks sema 05
webb roadster vel stacks
webb roadster rear end

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