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Ye old Nissan has a bunch of concept and show vehicles at this year's SEMA show, but so far it's only released pics of the Street Concepts Armada and "Rockn" Frontier (pics after the jump). Looks like we'll have to wait for our man Eric to swing by Nissan's display to see the rest, but in the meantime we'll give you the lowdown on this pair of 4x4's from Nissan.

The Street Concepts Armada adds ?street style? to the Nissan?s full-size SUV with a set of 24-inch (!) wheels and 15-inch Brembo 8-piston brakes. The Endurance 5.6L V8 engine has been enhanced with a NISMO intake manifold, Bassani headers and exhaust system. The interior?s been reskinned by Katzkin and the sound system?s been upgraded with Rockford Fosgate speakers and a Kenwood DDX7017 head unit with navigation. From what we?ve seen so far the Street Concepts Armada is a pretty weak effort, which probably has less to do with Nissan than it does with Street Concepts. We?ll see if that company gets another vehicle next year.

The ?Rockn? Frontier by RCH Designs looks like something Stone Cold would drive up to the ring on WWE RAW! Of all the contributing companies it appears that the biggest effort was put forth by Spencer Low Racing,who is responsible for the custom-built suspension, custom exhaust and skid plate. The custom front and rear fenders give the Frontier?s 17-inch wheels wrapped in 36-inch BFG?s more than enough room to do their job, which we guess is pounding dunes somewhere out in the desert. No worries if you get stuck in the sand though, as you can always hook one of the two 9000i Warn winches up to a tree and drag the ?Rockn? Frontier to safety, unless of course that tree?s just a mirage, and then you?re screwed.

We?ll make sure Eric swings by Nissan?s display so we can check out what NISMO?s been doing for the past six months, as well.

[Source: Nissan]

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