This week's Fun Friday post is dedicated to all the ladies out there. Most etiquette books don't cover it, so we're happy that Jaguar is up to the task. In case women haven't figured out how to enter and exit vehicles while in short skirts, The Car Connection's Cargirl shares Jaguar's tips:

Move left arm to front seat to support body.

Style tip: Take a moment to compose yourself and give a confident glance to the awaiting crowds.

Move right leg to rest on edge of car. Style tip: Imagine your knees are temporarily super-glued together!

Lower right foot to the ground. Use door frame to lift body slightly from seat to ensure skirts do not become twisted. Style tip: If you're wearing a low-cut top, pretend to brush hair out of your face to cover cleavage.

Twist body toward car door, using door frame as support. Slowly move left hand to car door to get full leverage from the car to lift body out. Style tip: Slow but fluid movements are the key to this step!

Pull body out of car using both hands for support. Style tip: If you're wearing a skirt/dress with a split, lean forward slightly so the dress falls together and doesn't expose too much leg.

Turn body and place outer foot forward to pose for photographers. Style tip: Pout away for the paparazzi!

Evidently, the 6-step program was distributed to A-listers at the Cannes Film Festival last year. Can't trip on your way out of your limo, now…

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