Talk about gilding the lily… If your everyday, run of the mill Gallardo or Murcielago is getting difficult to find among all the other Lamborghinis in the company parking lot, Stuttgart tuner BF Performance has the answer!

BF Performance accessories for your Gallardo include, as you might expect, a lot of carbon fiber bits (diffuser, interior trim, engine compartment trim, front spoiler, rear wing), and also some other track day must-haves, like a stainless steel rollcage, race seats, trick exhaust systems, and 5-point harnesses.

And yes, the Gallardo gets vertically opening "Lambo doors," just like the ones on that slammed Civic down the street.

In case you're wondering, the guys at German Car Blog figure a typical Gallardo package will run you about $33,000.

[Via Classic Driver]

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