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BMW announced a M version of its Z4 roadster this morning. The Z4 M will feature the inline-six from BMW's previous generation M3 coupe. The 343 hp six should propel the Z4 M from 0-60 in 5 seconds and allow the Z4 M to reach an electronically limited 155 mph. The M3's variable lock rear differential also contributes to the Z4 M's mission. The M Roadster will also have a unique hydraulically-assisted steering system which replaces the standard Z4's electrically-assisted one, and BMW M Division's race-inspired brakes that first debuted on the M3 CSL.

We're waiting for the Z4 M Coupe. Such a vehicle would have us saying, "What Cayman S?" The idea of all this power and performance in a comparatively basic machine is just fantastic. We suppose the Z4 M Roadster will satisfice for now.

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BMW Z4 M Roadster

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