Once in a while, as we're covering the nitty-gritty details of the automotive industry, it's nice to be reminded of the passion people feel for cars and the history of the industry.

One of the ugliest cars of all-time, it's surprising that anybody would create a 37-acre shrine to the infamous Edsel. But self-proclaimed "Edsel King," did just that. Beulah, North Dakota resident Leroy Walker has 226 Edsels — of which 100 still run — strewn all over his property. Why are they scattered so, you ask? "I don't want a tornado or other natural disaster taking them all out at once," Walker said.

He knows the history of every single one, in fact. A lipstick red '58 Edsel, for example, got its driver pulled over three times because it was the same color and year as one that served as a getaway car for a recent bank robbing. These stories are why he collects them.

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