Peter DeLorenzo, chief ranter at AutoExtremist, is sounding off on the recent GM/UAW health care deal. Not that we need an excuse to strike up a debate in the comments section here on Autoblog, but I thought I'd throw a little kerosene on the fire and watch what happens.
The general idea of DeLorenzo's rant is this: journalists touting this gig as "historic" are overselling its magnitude, and GM and the UAW deserve a pat on the back for their deal like the Chicago Bears deserve a pay raise for coming back from a 48-3 deficit to only lose 54-10. The savings from that deal hardly make a dent in the $3.8 billion in losses GM has experienced in the first nine months of this year. And thanks to GM, no one in their right mind would buy a domestic vehicle for what's on the price tag these days. Now Delphi's chairman, that Steve Miller guy — HE has it right-on.

I suppose the site isn?t called AutoExtremist for nothing. But as my mother often tells my father, ?you didn?t gain all tha weight in a day ? don?t expect to lose it overnight.? GM?s experience on the scale, just like my dad?s, isn?t going to be a 100 percent improvement over night. They?re going to cheat on their relative diets, weights will yo-yo, and there are some very frustrating times ahead. But the point is that they?ve taken that first step.

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