Stop the presses! Or, in our case, just don't hit that enter key. AutoCar has heard through the grapevine that Ferrari is developing an intelligent four-wheel drive system for its front-engine/rear-drive models including the 612 Scaglietti and upcoming 600/Imola/Testarossa. AutoCar even has the pic from the patent filing to prove it.
The system is said to be more compact than rival systems and is part-time only. Developed more as a traction-control device, the system will be able to send power to the front wheels when detecting a slide and go 4X4 at high speeds for 20-30 seconds bursts to prevent overheating.

Four-wheel drive did wonders for the Brahma bulls of Lamborghini, so it we'll be waiting to see how it much it improves it improves the prancing of Ferrari's horses.

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