Ever since the original Brera concept car's spectactular debut, Alfa fans the world over have been eagerly anticipating the production version. Now Autocar reports that they have even more to look forward to - a superlight "GTA" version of the flagship coupe, due in 2007.
In keeping with tradition, the GTA model will gain much of its performance from serious weight reduction, rather than a big-engine implant. (The "A" stands for Alleggerita, or 'lightened') Extensive use of aluminum and carbon fiber is rumored to save over 260 lb. The car will be powered by the drive-by-wire V6 from the 159, possibly with its displacement bumped to 3.5 liters, and with direct injection. The changes to the V6 could yield more than 300 hp, compared to the 260 hp of the current 3.2 liter version.

Autocar's sources suggest that all this added lightness comes at a price - possibly well north of $85,000.

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