The first non-bus vehicles that I spotted upon leaving Incheon airport was a row of Hyundai Centennial taxis, which at first caused my jet-lagged brain to think, "Man, they import Crown Vics here?" Trust me; the resemblence is uncanny after being up for 36 hours. Checking out the company's international website, it looks like there's two different wheelbases available, and a choice between a 214 HP V6 and a 275 HP V8. Surprisingly, many of them here carry the "VL450" badge, indicating that they're the larger and more powerful version. The same impulse that drives American buyers to 300C Hemis obviously knows no boundaries. I've seen a lot of these things around here, especially near the government complex in Seoul where it looks to be a favorite of those who frequent such areas. Back in the US, I imagine they could probably do well with Lincoln buyers who are dissatisfied with the current direction of that company, which is to say the vehicle would be great for mid-level Mafia guys. Seriously, I think that such a model would do well in the US if priced a bit below the Chrysler 300, which would find Hyundai filling a void that a certain pair of US automakers refuse to acknowledge.

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