We got an e-mail the other day from a reader who got a kick out of mbusa.com's competitive comparison tool, which allows users to compare a Mercedes with almost any other vehicle currently on the market (this particular reader found comparing the SLR McLaren with an undisclosed Buick model particularly humorous). So, with my fun Friday post this week, I thought I'd wish you all a happy weekend with a link to their site and a little mock SLR comparison testing.

First some background on the Mercedes SLR McLaren. Easily one of the most powerful and expensive cars available today, the vehicle is powered by a supercharged 5.4L V8 engine spitting out a crazy 617 horsepower and 575 lb.-ft. of torque. We see that kind of torque all the time, of course. In fact, GM offers a vehicle with a very respectable 520 lb.-ft. of torque for more than $300,000 less than the SLR? except that the vehicle in question has a top speed of 83 mph and is called the HUMMER H1 Alpha.

GM makes another car that gives the supercar a run for its money for more reasons than ground clearance, however, and that?s the Corvette Z06. At just $65,800 to the SLR?s $452,750, the Z06?s V8 makes 505 hp and 470 lb.-ft. of torque. Thanks to the aluminum and magnesium bits engineered into the ?Vette, the Z06 would have to be piloted by an obese gorilla to weigh as much as the SLR, making 0-60 times surprisingly comparable.

So what?s missing from the ?Poor Man?s Supercar?? Obviously you?re not going to find the high-end trim and gadgets you find in the SLR, and the ceramic brakes are a nice touch, but come on, wouldn?t you rather spend the extra $387K on the HUMMER and some real estate?

Here?s the fun part of this TGIF post: what?s the quirkiest, funniest or otherwise entertaining comparison with a Mercedes you can come up with? The SLR vs. a Kia Rio? Or maybe a G-wagen vs. a Prius? Let us know.

Thanks to David for the tip.

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