"I want to deliver service to a customer that blows his mind so beyond his expectations that it builds loyalty," said Johan de Nysschen, head of Audi of America in an article that ran in Automotive News today.

And I want a supercharged Infiniti G35 coupe with a custom paint and graphics job and really sticky tires, so I hope he has a better shot at achieving his dream than I do mine.

Audi of America has kicked off new plans for better dealer service and cooler looking stores. De Nysschen wants more stand-alone stores in the style of Audi's "hangar concept" store design, which can cost as much as $1.5 million per store. Aside from the walls of glass you see in the picture, interior styling cues include natural, warm tones with aluminum accents. 82 of the 260 U.S. dealers have stand-alone stores, but that may change as Audi introduces its Q7 and Q5 SUVs.

Subscription required to view source article, but you can view an article on the "hangar concept" store design in a PDF file here.

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