We can't say we're surprised. In a ultra competitve sport coupe market, the Crossfire was outclassed and overpriced from the get go. This is especially true when you consider the 50k+ price tag of the SRT6 version. Add to all the pricing and competive pressures the vertically challenged interior, and you can see how the Crossfire's days are numbered. Chrysler's contract with Karmann, the builder of the Crossfire, will end around 2008 and the company is mulling over what to do with their compact sports coupe. At present, Chrysler is polling dealers to determine what could be done to increase sales. We have a good feeling that lowering the price may on the lips of the dealers. They may not continue production after the contract ends, especially with talk of building a new coupe of the next generation LX-platform at the end of the decade.

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