In case you own a Magnum RT, Charger RT or 300C Hemi with only 345 HP and you're sick of receiving a butt-kicking from SRT8 versions of the same vehicles, GS Motorsports can hook you up with one of its supercharger kits for the LX platform. The kit produces 390 HP at the rear wheels at 6 PSI, or up to 500 RWHP at 8-10 PSI of boost (the latter requires a $500 fuel pump upgrade). Correspondingly, if you have a SRT8 and are now concerned about getting stomped by a supercharged 5.7 Hemi, then you can get yourself a similar kit that produces 500 HP at the rear wheels at 6 PSI of boost. Both kits include air-to-water aftercoolers, which at least give the stock bottom end a fighting chance of surviving a supercharger, and 50-state emissions certification is pending.

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