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The supermini segment in which the Hyundai Getz competes accounts for 26% of all auto sales throughout Europe. The Getz has made a name for itself in the short time since its introduction in 2002 selling over 550,000 units, 194,000 units last year alone. The redesigned Getz gets a new exterior and interior along with additional engine choices and the availability for the first time of ESP stability control.

Aimed at the youth market, the new exterior is pretty standard fare, but its attractive and well proportioned. The interior looks well organized as well, although we weren?t able to examine the quality of the materials. Colored inserts in the seats and door panels along with matching accents on the steering wheel are an obvious attempt to appeal to up and coming European youth. Four engines are available for the Getz, including a new 1.5L variable geometry turbocharged diesel.

Hyundai GetzHyundai GetzHyundai GetzHyundai GetzHyundai GetzHyundai Getz

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