We all hate parking tickets. Finding a ticket stuck to your windshield definitely puts a damper on an otherwise pleasant day. And nowadays, with parking enforcement technology growing by leaps and bounds, what are we to do? Well, if you live in NYC, you are in luck. A company called BeatTix.com will fight your ticket for you for $20. They guarantee dismissal or they'll refund your money, just send in your ticket and a copy of your car registration, and they will go to work for you. Not a bad deal considering parking tickets range from $35 to $65 in Manhattan.

And for all you Yankee fans, it gets even better: as a special promo, if you get a ticket anywhere within 2 miles of Yankee Stadium during a game for the rest of the season, BeatTix.com will fight your ticket for FREE. We find it particularly amusing that the company's CEO pointed out in the press release that "this offer
does not apply to vehicles with Massachusetts license plates or owned by Red
Sox fans!"

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