The results are in! Big thanks to the 83 Autoblog readers who participated in our impromptu poll earlier this week – your participation is highly appreciated. Before we go into the results, here's the disclaimer: by no means was this a scientific survey and by no means does the sample pool accurately reflects the general population. OK, having said that, here's what we found: First, the obvious – Autoblog readers are primarily male, only 5 female responded compared to the 78 male. Now, the stats: among the male readers responded, 88% named their car(s) at one time or another; and all 5 female readers named their cars. As for the most popular Autoblog reader car name….drum roll pleaseeeeee…


It?s Bessie/Betsy!!! with a total of 6 entries, soundly beating the 2nd place winner Freddy with 3. In other interesting entries, 2 readers (perhaps brothers separated at birth) both named their cars ?ghetto sled?, #46?meet? #70.

On another note, while researching for a different post, we discovered ZipCar actually names all of their time-share cars. This page might provide some inspirations for your next car name.

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