The Car Connection spent some time in the new Pontiac Solstice. The timing of the review is appropriate, with many Mazda MX-5 reviews hitting the news stands within the past month. The overall impression was a positive one, and TCC clearly evaluated that the Solstice is competitive against the new contender from Mazda. The Solstice is heavier, but also a touch more powerful. The guys at TCC seem impressed. The Solstice is needed to help drive showroom traffic to Pontiac's dealerships, and it makes a much more emotionally involving halo car than the jelly-bean styled GTO. Do not get me wrong, I love the GTO, but it's not the most attractive car Pontiac has ever produced. Hold on, when has Pontiac produced an attractive car in the past decade? Aren't they responsible for the Aztek? Anyway, the Solstice clearly has the sex appeal to bring buyers into Pontiac lots and the performance to start a following.

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