Reuters is reporting that according to a German newspaper Volkswagen and Chrysler are in advanced talks about teaming up to build minivans in the U.S. The plan would supposedly have VW selling a van based on the Chrysler Town & Country. Both companies have not commented on the report, although they're expected to sit down together and sign a deal at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September. The minivan, which could be launched in 2007, would only be sold in North America in order to give the T&C a chance in Europe. Certainly no one could have predicted this unlikely alliance, but after VW pulled the plug on selling a version of the 2001 Microbus concept in the States it needed something to fill the void. We don't think, however, that entering a languishing U.S. minivan market with a rebadged product is really a good idea for the crew at Wolfsburg.

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