GM has released the second edition of its Sport Compact Performance Build Book, covering modifications to the Ecotec that make it suitable for racing purposes. Also included are suggestions on drivetrain and suspension modifications. Presumably, this information could be used for modifying street vehicles as well; if you don't tell the EPA, we won't. Supposedly, a free copy can be had by sending your snail-mail address to, but we haven't verified this so treat it as an at-your-own-risk deal. Additionally, GM has launched a site called GMTunersource, offering a variety of information on its sport compact offerings. Here, you'll find the Build Book offered free in PDF form. Ah, I remember when such publications offered tips on building GenI small-block V8s and the Iron Duke four-banger, but the section covering Ecotec builds in the 600-1000 HP range sure makes the nostalgia fade away quickly.

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