Honda has noticed how much you guys and gals love to comment about the Ridgeline on Autoblog, so some of its peeps dropped us a line to let us know that the Ridgeline achieved the highest rollover resistance rating of any pickup ever tested by the NHTSA. The Odyssey-based pickup earned a 1.29 rating for the Static Stability Factor test that basically measures how top-heavy a vehicle is. The rating is based on the equation T/2H where T is the track width of a vehicle and H is its center of gravity height. The Ridgeline's score easily beat comparable 2006 4DR/4WD versions of the Ford F-150 (1.18), Dodge Ram (1.18) and Chevy Silverado (1.20). All four pickups, however, earned a 4-star rollover rating and a "No Tip" evaluation in the Dynamic Rollover test, so it's not like any of them are unsafe in comparison. Check out the test results for yourself and at
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