Maserati Quattroporte Executive GTPerhaps Maserati's split-personality Quattroporte will get to split into two different versions. Maserati will unveil two new variants of its Quattroporte sedan, the Sport GT and Executive GT. The Sport GT will receive a carbon fiber interior, 20-inch wheels, exterior badging, a sports steering wheel and aluminum pedal covers. Sounds like NOPI to me, be we're sure the tastefulness of the Sport GT will be sufficient to warrant its price tag. Where the Sport GT goes racer, the Executive GT goes luxury. The Quattroporte Executive GT will feature new colors and wood finishes for the interior as well as chrome treatments for the exterior, 19-inch wheels, Alcantara in the headliner, and additional comfort features for the rear passengers. The two variants should also receive revised suspension and drivetrain enhancements, maybe to better match their intended audiences.

Maserati Quattroporte Sport GTThe current Quattroporte has been criticized for being too rough-edged to be a luxury sedan but not quite sporty enough to be a sports car. With competition from other sporty luxury sedans coming down the pipe, Maserati?s Quattroporte needs to stake a serious claim in the current market if it hopes to survive the rush of new competition.

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