We saw this coming when news broke of Suzuki's future plan to add a new sport wagon to its lineup in 2006. The company's description of the new sport wagon was very close to that of the Aerio SX wagon, which means it will most likely force the current model out when it arrives in the fourth quarter of 2006. For better or worse the Aerio sedan will remain. While the Aerio got off to a relatively strong start (at least for Suzuki in the U.S.) after its debut in 2002, sales have dropped like a rock; currently they're down 43% from this time last year. While Suzuki may have sold only 3,484 Aerios so far this year, it expects its new sport wagon will sell 30,000 units in 2007. Is that wishful thinking or does this manufacturer known more in the U.S. for its motorcycles know something we don't about its new sport wagon?

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