Speaking of ASC, its CEO, Paul Wilbur, gave an interview in which he makes some pretty bold predictions about the future of the convertible market. Obviously the company is pushing for the four-door convertible to make a comeback. The ASC Helios is the Chrysler 300C-based four-door convertible the company built to show automakers that issues with structural integrity could be overcome in a long-wheelbase drop top. Wilbur also predicts that in the next two to three years we'll see the slowly expanding convertible market produce such oddities as convertible-like SUVs and even minivans. Hmm… reminds us of the Dodge Dakota Sport Convertible, which ASC was involved in producing, as well. Though Wilbur is probably just pushing his own product, ASC did take in a record $493 million in revenue last year, so maybe the guy knows what he's talking about.

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