Not to long ago, when the Rover Group was first put up for sale, Honda was reported to have toured Rover's plant. It seems that the tour was not to investigate acquiring the plant or any part of Rover. Instead, Honda was probably there to organize the retreival of equipment and designs it had provided to Rover to build its 45 and ZS models. The Rover 45 was based on the Rover 400 which was derived from the Honda Civic. Honda had claim to critical parts of Rover's midsize range. The designs for Honda's contribution were also destroyed. This will make it harder for anyone to resurrect Rover, and Honda is certain they will not extend the rights to the designs to who ever buys Rover. Honda has to protect its property. With SAIC and Nanjing Automobile looking to purchase Rover, it would be likely that same technology would be used in by new owners. This is clearly against Honda's best interest. Just look at the picture above to see why.

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