The NHRA ran in the thin air of Denver at this weekend's Mopar Mile High Nationals. Tony Schumacher's Top Fuel rail showed little concern for the altitude and its resulting effect on power and downforce, running the track in 4.6 seconds at over 331 MPH to win his finals matchup with Morgan Lucas. Robert Hight scored a win in Funny Car, while Warren Johnson engaged in a 90-second "staging war" with his much younger competitor Dave Connelly. Such a tactic involves a protracted process of lining up one's car at the starting line, with the goal being either to play head games with your opponent or simply make him run low on fuel. It worked for "The Professor", who force Connelly to red-light at the start. All three winning drivers found themselve atop their class standings after their victories.

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The IHRA rolled into Detroit for the Dukes Of Hazzard Motor City Nationals. Now that?s a name. Louie Allison won the Top Fuel class with a run of 4.8 seconds at 298 MPH, but the news of the weekend was Clay Millican?s ?blowover? accident earlier in the day. Millican tried to get back into the throttle at 200 MPH after momentarily losing traction, and was rewarded with a three-foot-high wheelie that quickly turned into an upside-down trip down the track. He was released from the hospital after finding his sense of humor survived the accident intact. Dan Seamon won in Pro Stock, becoming the only repeat winner this season, and Rob Atchison continued to dominate IHRA Funny Car.
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