FIA continues to hint at what changes may be to come in the revised 2008 Technical Specifications for Formula 1. Last week, we reported that "configurable" aerodynamic devices might be considered; now, the FIA has mailed a letter to F1 teams suggesting that a fixed-downforce rule might be enforced in the future. This would allow teams to concentrate on reducing drag, which in a roundabout way might lead to increased relevance to production vehicles. It'd also save some money, since aerodynamic experts are among the highest-paid personnel in the F1 world. The FIA also believes that this might pave the way to configurable aerodynamics, as long as the maximum permissible downforce was not exceeded. It's also mentioned that this would be easier to measure with a single tire supplier, and on that note, Michelin has announced how they will handle the refund for USGP ticketholders.

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