Toyota had already told us it would be raising its prices, and yesterday the Scion xA and xB, the Toyota Camry, RAV4 and Prius, as well as the Lexus LS and GS all received a boost in the billing department. The Scions go up by $200 and $500 respectively, although their sound systems now come standard with a mini-jack port on the head unit. (My iPod thanks you, Toyota.) The Camry will increase by $250, the Solara coupe by $150 and the convertible by $400. The RAV4 and the Prius will each go up to the tune of $300. Finally, the Lexus LS will rise by $300 and the GS by $250.
Though Toyota has gone back and forth on its motivation for this, we're forced to wonder if these price hikes are really that big of a deal. Would $150 to $400 sway the decision of a consumer on the fence about purchasing a Toyota product? In these days of employee pricing and cash rebates for every man, woman and child, it just might.

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