GM seems less willing to force concessions on the UAW. GM hinted at an end of June deadline for the UAW to make concessions on healthcare benefits. GM held a special board meeting Thursday to review how far their talks with the union have progressed. You would think that it was March instead of June with this in like a lion and out like a lamb business. Prior to the Employee Discount Program, GM was really putting out a lot of subtle and not-so subtle threats that they would attempt to force UAW to make concessions. Those threats just generated more bad press for GM, and they don't need any more of that this year. It is not surprising that they cooled off a bit. With news of a successful sale promotion, they appear to be in less of a position to force drastic changes due to any real or apparent threat to GM's operation. Being that it is July, their deadline for June seems like a moot point anyway.

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