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After denying the production possibilities of the 'super' Enzo that was spotted at Ferrari's test track, Ferrari has announced it will produce the FXX. About 20 of these cars will be built, and they will only be available to a select group of 'clients.' Like just about every F-series car, Ferrari wants to make sure that only its most loyal customers have access to the FXX.

The FXX is more that just a super Enzo, it is a $1.8 million Ferrari experience. Those who qualify to purchase this 800+ hp beast are also buying themselves into a part of Ferrari?s racing program. The FXX program includes driver training and support resources to allow the FXX client to master his new toy. What a toy it is! The FXX was not built to be driven on public roads, and Ferrari gives buyers the option to store their FXX at Ferrari?s factory. Factory stored FXXs will be delivered to scheduled events at tracks throughout Europe.  Regardless of where you keep your FXX, it will be limited to track car duty, legally anyway.

The FXX program also includes a telemetry system that will provide valuable test data to Ferrari engineers. This data will be combined with data from their professional drivers. It could be assumed this is for both race and production car development programs. Sounds like paying to be a test driver for Ferrari, not a bad thing if you can afford it. I wonder if Branson is going to get one of these?

Ferrari FXX rear side 425

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