On Saturday Lotus announced a "Circuit Car" version of the Elise that weighs in at a feathery 1,322 lbs. and packs either a supercharged or naturally-aspirated VVTL-i engine. Presumably its the same 1.8L Toyota-supplied motor currently found in the Elise production car, although reports coming out of the U.K. where the announcement was made do not specify. The single-seater car was designed solely for track day and club racing and only 100 units will be produced with no mention being made of any being sold in North America. Lotus says the naturally-aspirated version will hit 0-60 in under four seconds, and that's with a mere 190 hp. A few of the Autobloggers have lost control of their bladders while thinking about how fast the supercharged version will be. Not me, of course.

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